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As the year comes to a close I would like to give you all an overview of our accomplishments for the year 2012 and our goals for the coming year, 2013.

As many of you know the beginning of this year began with significant conflicts between our Local Union and the former RPD Chief, Harry Dolan. A lawsuit was filed against the Chief for his actions toward me and other executive board members of the RPPA. This lawsuit is ongoing and is currently in the preliminary stages of discovery. The next step is a hearing with the Raleigh Civil Service Commission, hopefully within the next few months. This actions of the previous Chief and his refusal to meet with Union leaders created a great deal of adversity between the RPPA and the Chief. We were forced to go public on many negative issues within the RPD. This is an action we never take pride in but when management refuses to listen to the concerns of the rank and file we are left we no other options. We believe our continued press conferences played a role in the Chief’s retirement.

President DeSimone, VP Rolfe and Secretary-Treasurer Dike are in the process of creating a committee to determine if we will endorse the next Chief and if we do who the endorsement should be. This will be a very thorough and in depth process. We plan to have a meeting within the next few weeks to have vote from the membership. Our goal is to endorse a Chief who is willing to sit down and work with our Union leaders who look after the best interest of our members.

We have represented dozens of Teamster police officers in IA investigations, shootings, and other criminal complaints against our members.

We filed over 200 grievances against a new PPM evaluation that is currently being investigated by HR. Many of you may have given up and believe that this evaluation has become permanent. There could be nothing from the truth. President DeSimone has met with Council members and RPD upper management and they have all expressed serious concerns about the future of this evaluation. We are confident that with the appointment of the next Chief the RPPA will have a significant voice on a more accurate measurement of an officer’s work ethic.

The current major goals for next year are as follows;

The appointment of a new Chief that will work with the Raleigh Police Protective Association.

A new evaluation that will accurately measure an officer’s performance

A five percent range adjustment increase for all police officers regardless of rank, salary, or quartile placement. We are working with the firefighters union and the public works union to help gain support from all City employees. There will be a public budget hearing in June. I encourage all of you to attend.

Officer Jay Krueger has reached the final stage of his appeal to the North Carolina Training and Standards Commission. Our Local Union has spent thousands of dollars to support Jay and his case. We will continue to support him in the appeal process. A victory by Jay and our Union could be a victory for all police officers across the State. Our Legal Council, Travis Payne is arguing that when Officer Krueger was disciplined the Commission did so in an arbitrary and capricious manner. We are fighting for a more fair process to discipline police officers across the state.

Thanks for all you support. Our next Teamster membership meeting will be Saturday, January 19, 10:00 a.m. at the Teamster Union Hall on Angus Dr. Please make every effort to attend.

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