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Fellow Members,

Last week Resident Superior Court Judge Michael O’Foghludha dismissed the RPPA lawsuit against Harry Dolan on the grounds we had failed to pursue or exhaust administrative remedies, failed to establish an inadequate alternate remedy, failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, and/or lack of standing to pursue relief. My appeal for discharge is still pending a hearing in front of the Raleigh Civil Service Commission. I have not determined if I will proceed with that process considering the Civil Service Commission consistently upholds decision made by the City Manager and we believe is not an impartial board. Furthermore, our objective from the beginning was to hold Harry Dolan accountable for his actions against our Union and the leaders of our Union. Harry Dolan is no longer Chief and we now have a Chief who has clearly shown she is willing to work with and listen to our Union. An example of her willingness to listen to the rank and file is her decision to completely rescind the PPM evaluation. A recommendation we offered from the very beginning. Our goal is not to tarnish or cause future damage to the reputation of the RPD and its leadership but to work with and improve working conditions, pay and benefits for all police officers. We believe to effectively move forward with this goal we should not continue to appeal and attack a misguided ex-Chief who has retired and does not represent what our police department now stands for. We should move forward by focusing our attention, resources, and energy on current ongoing issues.

Our priority now is pay raises for all police officers. The City has not provided a range adjustment for employees since 2009. We believe this year is the year that the City must make up for all those years of lost raises. Our Local Union has joined forces with the Firefighters Union and the Public Workers Union to request an across the board 5% raise for all employees. We believe we are well over due and the City can afford this modest increase in salaries. Vice President Scott Rolfe and I met with Council Members today to express to them our concerns and to educate them on the sacrifices employees have made for the City over the past 5 years. They agreed that we did have a legitimate concern and were willing to support us. We all most come together on this issue. There will be meetings in the near future to discuss our strategies and I ask all of you to start planning now to attend the Public Budget Hearing on Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 1900 hrs. at the City Council Chambers. A strong turnout will show Council we vote and we care about our raises. A low turnout will show Council you don’t vote and really don’t care about a raise. Start planning to take time off now. We will continue to update all of you on our progress.

Thanks for all your support,

Rick Armstrong
Business Agent, Teamsters Local 391

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