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Fellow Members,

As many of you know the City Manager proposed the budget for the upcoming year to the City Council. Overall many of the employee benefits have been maintained and some benefits have been improved. The merit pay will be a 3% increase for all employees who receive a minimum of a standard evaluation. This is a significant increase compared to the recent past proposed budgets. We have met with all the Council members to express to them the importance of compensating City employees appropriately.

A 3% raise is a start but it is not enough. As we have stated from the beginning, we believe an across the board 5% raise is fair and reasonable considering the lack of raises over the past several years.

President DeSimone and President Wilder from the Firefighters Union will be speaking at the City Council meeting on June 4, 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Please support your Union, the President of the RPPA, and all City employees by attending this meeting. Your family(including children) are permitted and encouraged to attend. This meeting should be no longer than an hour. I will continue to remind you all with future emails about this meeting.

Thanks for your support,

Rick Armstrong

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