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Fellow Members,

I want to thank all of you who attended last nights City Council meeting. This was truly a successful evening. We filled the Council Chambers to standing room only with cops and firefighters. President DeSimone did an incredible job in speaking to the Council about the concerns from the rank and file and he received a standing ovation by everyone in the room. His message was right on point, his delivery was sincere, and the Council members were extremely attentive during his speech.

I can assure you all this turnout made a difference. This was one of the largest turnouts we have ever had and the City Council members will not forget our presence. This year is an election year and we will be watching how each one votes during this budget process.

The budget must be passed by July 1st. I will be attending budget hearings and continue to put pressure on the City Council to give all City Employees a 5% raise.

I will keep you all updated and thanks again for all your support.

Rick Armstrong

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