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Vice President Rolfe steps down

Last week Scott Rolfe stepped down as Vice President of the Raleigh Police Protective Association.  I want to thank Scott for all his hard work as Vice President and help in growing our Union.  Scott will remain as a District Representative in the North East District.  With Scott stepping down Matt Cooper and Dave Rattelade appointed Jeff Edmonds as our new Vice President.  I would like to congratulate Jeff on his new position.  The executive board made some changes to the titles on the board and they are as follows:

President: Matt Cooper
Senior Vice President: Dave Rattelade
Vice President: Jeff Edmonds
The District Board Members are as follows:

Dave Bailey, Rob Benjamin, Eric DeSimone, Derek Dike, Dave Green, James Hampton, Steve Martin, Scott Rolfe, Jon McCann, Brent Snowden, Hinton Morton, Pete McKeon, and Rob Pike.
Over the past few weeks our board members have been conducting political screening for the upcoming city council election.  We plan to announce the endorsements over the next few weeks.  Our goal is to get pro-police and pro-union candidates elected.  One of the key questions during these screening is what the candidates will do about the low pay for police officers.  It is extremely important we get the candidates we endorsed elected so we can put pressure on them during the next budget session.
Our ultimate goal is PAY RAISES for POLICE OFFICERS.
We plan to have a membership meeting in September to discuss our endorsements. Please make every effort to attend.
Rick Armstrong
Vice President
Teamsters Local 391

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