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The Raleigh Police Protective Association is an association comprised of close to 500 Raleigh police officers that are all members of Teamster Local 391, a local of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.Our goals are; to protect the rights of Raleigh police officers, advocate for better pay and benefits, and promote improved working conditions.We believe that while it is important to hold police officers accountable for the work we do to protect our community, it is just as important to hold management accountable for the decisions they make that will affect how we do our job.

Our association represents only Raleigh police officers.Our leadership is elected Raleigh police officers.Our association is part of the Teamsters, the largest and most powerful union in the country.All of our members are dues paying Teamsters.The leadership of the Raleigh Police Protective Association has formed positive relationships with the Mayor, the Raleigh City Council, the city manager, and the Chief of Police.Through these positive relationships we often meet with these respective leaders to discuss our concerns.Our membership with the Teamsters affords us a significant amount of political influence to help achieve our goals.

Our solidarity is our strength.Our members are very active in supporting our union.We have monthly meetings held on the first Wednesday of every month at the Teamster Union hall on Angus Dr off of Glenwood Ave.The meetings are at 7:00 p.m.We also ask our membership to help lobby city council for pay raises by attending council meetings.Last year with opposition from the city manager we were able to successfully lobby for an educational incentive for all police officers. This incentive provided an additional $700 for police officers with an associate degree and $1400 for officers with a bachelor degree.Each year police officers will receive this benefit because of the strength and solidarity of our union.Over the past several years we have also met with the chief to discuss policies that support the rank and file officer.Our meetings have often resulted in positive changes to unpopular policies that would have a negative effect on officers.We have also secured raises and benefits that may have been lost if not for the voice of the RPPA.

Each month the leadership of our union meets with Chief Dolan to discuss ongoing issues within the department that affect the rank and file.Most often the Chief listens to our concerns and the issues are resolved in a respectful manner.

We are members of the Teamsters union but it is prohibited by state and federal law for police officers to strike.Under no circumstances will we violate any law.We do not condone police officers striking and will not support any illegal activity for any reason.There may be times when our members feel we have exhausted all diplomatic measures to resolve an issue but will always remain respectful of the law.As police officers we are obligated to uphold the law.

While the leadership of the RPPA will lobby for our rights at the local level our Teamster representatives lobby for police officers at the state and national level.With over 10,000 Teamster members in North Carolina and 1.2 million members nationwide we have a significant amount of political influence.Our Teamster representatives are currently working on legislation that would give police officers in North Carolina the right to collectively bargain, a law enforcement bill of rights, and a 25 year retirement bill for police officers.

All of our members are provided full legal council from the Teamster Legal Defense Fund.Any member involved in a shooting or any criminal complaint that occurs in the line of duty is guaranteed the right to full and immediate legal council.Our primary legal attorney is Lee Turner, an ex Raleigh Police Officer.All members are also provided full legal coverage for any civil charges against an officer.The coverage is unlimited regardless of the number of incidents you are involved in at no additional cost to the member.

As members of the Teamsters we have access to the Governor and leaders of the state senate and house.The Teamsters representation used this access to have Sgt. Rick Armstrong appointed to the North Carolina Training and Standards Commission, the commission that oversees all law enforcement certificates in the state of North Carolina.It is extremely important to have a rank and file officer on this commission to look after the best interests of police officers.

The Teamster Law Enforcement League is currently lobbying federal legislation that would grant all police officers that right to collectively bargain regardless of any state law.This federal bill is likely to pass in the near future.This would grant us the right to negotiate a contract with the city manager and secure our pay and benefits.On average police officers who work under a contract earn 10-12% more than officers who do no have collective bargaining.

The dues are $24 a month and are automatically withdrawn from your paycheck.

President: Sergeant Eric Desimone, 919-235-2607, ericrpd@nc.rr.com

Secretary: Sgt. Derek Dike, 919-369-0802 jenderek@nc.rr.com